Cast Of Our Lives

Written by: Marcedies Rhodes

Do I know you?
I am you
Can I touch you?
I am in your arms now
Can I keep you to myself?
If you could I know you would
There been something to gain something to lose our feeling confused.
This we wrapped in silk and bath in the finest oils what is it? Can it be taken and made into something dirty?
It is said to be the most purest thing in the world and yet it make heartache become unbearable.There no reason why I run from it,I simple wish not to be taken in by it ever burning delight.There nothing more that pleases me when I look upon your face in the hour of the moon and as this moment I hold you tighter until it seen you can not escape me.
How should i stay in awe over your beauty?
This beauty..has it created something destructible in your heart?
No and yet this burning urge to destroy those who wish to make you cry 
Neh , be cauterization for this is only our step into this dark abyss know for one thing
For two who come from good and bad light and darkness simple and easy 
Our tale of love and lost, gain and trust, rejection and still head
This is the moment we show if our love is strong enough to face the world that hate us together the most