Written by: Cheyenne Shelby

I continue to think  
About the daily situations that happen
In our generation
Hating is spreading 
Like the movie contagion
The virus is spreading 
Through the iris
Because everything we see
Influences us to be 
The very people we
Idolize on tv
He, she, they, we
Are all expected to be 
Something other than me
You, them, they can
Never understand the uniquness
Every person displays
Why should you have to change 
Gun shots heard by many everyday
Thesame many that dont 
Know why Treavon Martin was one of the 
Many that didnt get away
From the senseless violence that happens everyday
But whose to blame 
In this sicotic game
Then again it happens day by day
People judge people 
Just by how they look 
But never took a minute
Out of their time to realize
There's aperson
Behind those eyes
You see if i was lying 
Then why would you be 
Wasting your time talking about my rhymns
Im only speaking because 
Everyone else is afraid 
About the feedback that might stab back
Stop wasting my time 
An go about your life 
But ima spend itin this life time 
Changing people's life
I can turn a penny in to a dime 
An donate that dime 
To a kid that starves
Most of the time
Is it really a crime 
To want something more 
Than a normal life 
I might just end up 
Writing the most influencial rhymn
It's my time your time an their time
We can all make a diffrence is we just try
Saying that you're
Incapable of being capable
To comprehend what i'm
About to say im almost at the end
Sometimes i dont even know 
What im saying but I'm
Praying that for every mind
That is corruppted there is 
One that can help change 
The next generation