Written by: Neethu Roy

Among the twists and turns of life,
Into the deep troubles did I dive.
Through the dark and thorny path,
I wandered devoid of joy and warmth.

Your eyes spread happiness and joy,
Every moment with you, I did enjoy.
No mountain is too high to climb,
All I need is to spend with you time.

You’ve stood by me when doubt crept in,
You became not just my buddy; but my kin.
Always lending me a helping hand,
You have become my safe ground to land.

Not always is life the same old story,
There are times when I must say sorry.
My wrong ways I try to amend
If they have offended you, my friend.

You’ve been the best, voicing your thoughts
And helping me realize my faults. 
A look, a smile can trigger my heart,
A handshake, a touch that’s your art.                          
I am out of words now prime,
Just can’t make them rhyme.
So buddy, to this let me put an end
i just want to say you are my best friend…..