Written by: Robert Ball

It’s a nasty business politics and church elder.
Most times they are carousers, boasters, vain pompous thinking revelers.
Ever ask why so many denominations of Christians, profess Christianity?
They teach and misinterpret the Holy Scriptures corrupting their flock spiritually.

The Holy Bible is written with mystery and yet the edicts, laws are simple.
Love, have faith, simply read and you’ll be spiritually taught seek and you’ll find, knowledge breeds ripples.
Carnal man fails in his concepts, his thoughts ripple and his ways are a path to destruction.
Our Father, Jesus, is both Spirits, A God family that wants to live in “Us” we are God’s amazing creations.

As men we have been given a charter to teach the God’s way to”love.” Simple as that.
A gift from our Father, a simple choice, a loving gift of knowledge. Amazing is it not?
Our Father, Our Creator, let ”Us” choose, He tells “Us” in the beginning was the “Word.”
God’s only Son, the one Spiritual Son, sent here to die for “Us” so we would realize that Jesus is Lord.

Our Father made “Us” Carnal man in His image.
What a gift from God. The Holy Spirit given to some, keeping away things that are sacrilegious.
Church elders beware of false doctrines, God will reign amongst men on earth, He’ll establish His Kingdom.
Yet you who prophecy not, will be held accountable in the tribulation. Let those who seek—find. Let those who are vigil---see. This is faith. This is God’s true wisdom.