Blowing A Kiss To You

Written by: Lee Ramage

Just someone that when I see his work, I hit my chair with speed, His poems paint a picture and a charming story I cannot wait to read. My modus operandi is storytelling while using the style of rhyme, He writes in a similar fashion to me, his poetry is simply sublime. Feeling inferior from other’s comments- rhyme being a poor quality, But after reading his prestigious work, how could that possibly be. Carried away by his glorious travels, gentle rants and dedications, I strive to be as good as him, working hard through meditations. Each poem sharing a part of himself, you feel you know his soul, He is now spending time with his dying brother, such a heavy toll. So, I am wrapping my arms around Bob and blowing a kiss to you, Know my thoughts are with you, wish there was more I could do.
Written August 4, 2012 Dedicated to Robert L. Hinshaw