For Stacy

Written by: Danny Stinson

You are my oxygen; I'm filled with you. And just like the air, without you I'm blue. I breathe you in; it's my lungs you fill. Your scent is sweet, now my tears cease to spill. You give me life, and you give me reason, I've no more strife now that love is in season. I can't find anyone even close to alike: You're my protection; I can't feel pain strike. My wounds you clean, and to my scars you do tend, When I am with you, I don't want it to end. You guard my life from the waters of death, And you absolve agony with every breath. I wish you could see all the good that you make, All the hurt that is healed in every exhale I take. No one can be as lovely as you are, For simply your eyes are brighter than stars. Your body's heavenly, and your lips they are soft. You lift me up; you hold me aloft. If your love is the rain that keeps me alive, Then I hope mine's the sun that allows you to thrive.