Truth be told

Written by: Edward Orozco

I used to be a poet, a singer, a lover even
I chant your name across the star filled 
Then forever was too long
Now forever just equals never, and I weep
My sour tears drop as dreams that once 
made me rejoice in hope
Still, I am just a dreamer
I question my life and its meaning if any
Mysteries hug my eyes and cuddle my soul
Yet I find to question love
It's not the signed paper nor rings that tie 
two souls
It's the invisible force to be near one 
another that makes a bond 
I was once in love, but she showed me love 
was nor real
How could you refuse to your own heart
Now I am with another that loves me more 
than I could ever imagine and my heart 
idles still feeling absent
When will I find true love
As if the word not exist for me
I draw to conclude I am nothing
Therfore I hang to dry until I expire
Let the world know I was once a poet a 
lover but always a dreamer