Un Petit Peu

Written by: Lee Ramage

We are friendly sort of people, greeting and asking how you are, One great nation, two languages, the distance between coasts far, Travel to Quebec or to some areas in provinces east and west, You may be asked in French “Comment ca va” with typical zest, “Comment allez-vous” is the same traditional question in France, Written, the French-Canadian version requires only a quick glance, “Je vais bien merci et vous” is commonly what you would like to hear, But there are so many responses, and certainly some will not endear. Don’t want to make a “faux-pas” but this language we all use, Watch a “film noir” with a “femme fatale”, you just can’t snooze. We experience “deja vu”, live in “cul de sacs” , could it be merrier, Even my big fat bum has a nicer name, its my delicate “derriere”. Such a sexy language, the words always seem to sound so good, Saying goodbye, I would prefer “Au revoir” it seems to fit the mood. Isn’t food offered “a la carte” seem nicer than just listed on the menu, I would much prefer “au jus” but sometimes gravy will just have to do. Bread, a“baguette et croissant avec fromage est tres magnifique” Foods in french; “creme brulee, crepes” anything “au gratin” - I seek. Breakfast without “omelettes” or dinners without an “entree” I’d miss, Expressing our most passionate behaviour, includes the French kiss. You must admit that French seems to be part of our everything, Just hearing some of those words, just makes my heart sing. To be called “Cherie Amour” is just so romantic, as you must see, Unfortunately I’m only fluent in English, just too bad, “C’est la vie”.
**French words/phrases- *Un Petit Peu- a small amount *Comment ca va- how are you and *Comment allez-vous- how are you *Je vais bien merci and vous- I am fine thanks and you *faux-pas- false step *film noir- dark themed films *femme fatale- female who is deadly *deja vu- already experienced, been here before *cul de sac- dead end street, often a circle *au revoir- goodbye, see you later *baguette et croissant avec fromage est tres magnifique- long narrow loaf of bread, and a crescent-shaped flaky roll with cheese is very magnificent. *C’est la vie- that’s life.