Let Us Not Be Vague

Written by: Tom Higgins

I 'll get straight to the point,
I won't be vague,
They try the worst of criminals at the Hague,
For crimes against humanity,
Murder,torture,ethnic cleansing, but three.
But my question is, " why are there not more,
Crimes against humanity the bad should answer for?"
Because there are in this world,suited bad men, the worst,
Who have created all of the investment bubbles,
Which they then for their own gain burst,
To create most of the economic troubles,
That the world is fighting hard to put right,
Yet these same scumbags plot each day and night,
To blow up the bubble of their latest scam,
With the controlled acquiescence of good old Uncle Sam.
How come they are not in the dock in the Hague?
Or is this a question for politicians, too vague?

Tom Higgins 03/08/2012