Same Difference

Written by: Joel Lee

For every light there is darkness
For every life there is death
The every whys to have reasons
And to have had is no longer to have

There is the moon for the daily sun
There is love for the opposing hate
Adults will walk where children will run
With time being too early yet always late

If you believe in Gods... I believe in the Devil
If you believe in fate... I believe not in faith
Where every perfect picture shall have its puzzle
And a world you can harm or you can save

Shall there be men there be women
There be gays and there be lesbians
There be the poor, there be those who earn
And those who study... I wanna unlearn

Are we all different, are you the same?
Have you a question needing no answer?
Have we the truths to lie in our name?
Might I die to yet live on forever?