By the Light of the Moon

Written by: Andy Sprouse

The full moon follows.
Ever vigilant, that silver specter glides along,
lending its light to my wandering way.

It cannot tell me what went wrong;
who it is that I am now
or what I should do.
It cannot tell me what has become
of what used to be.

No matter how much I may wish
that it could unlock life's myriad mysteries,
it remains but a silent guardian,
eternally watchful.

It cannot tell me what I yearn so much to know;
and yet, it is a welcome companion
as I stride along these paths of darkness,
the only one invited to this,
my soulful solitude.

And so I go,
on these moonlight walks;
alone but for my lunar friend.
Its humble warmth ever carries me onwards,
to reverie and revelation –
guides these faltering steps towards my self.