Wild Ways

Written by: Carol Eastman

Thru all the things that could be, and all the things that have been,
You, my son, have led your life… as if living it were a sin.

You’ve danced in all the confusion, the fallout, and the rain…
As we did try to join with you, to direct you to a life you could obtain.

Life is not an endless party, where the music will simply never stop,
And we can’t forever continue to be your ultimate, supportive, backstop.

The merry go round that’s circling will have to eventually stop and let you off.
And I know the world, for you, will be… at its best… immensely very tough. 

So forget about the parties and set some long-term goals you can hold to…
Or when you’re old and all alone, no one will want anything to do with you.

They will have their families, their vacations, retirements, and their friends…
And if you don’t stop playing… you’ll have nothing in the end.