Beat Down Dragged Kicked In The Trash

Written by: Barbara Washington

I've been beat down
dragged through the muddy streets
of harsh words and slander

I've been ripped to pieces
thrown to the ground
kicked in the trash

there is no love for this
despicable female
so why was I born?

I'm hated by those who should love me
I'm the worse person ever
why don't I croak my daughter said

I can't continue
my heart burns in distress
from the slapped down I endure today

God please end this life
a worthless flesh
deserving of death by mistles

Deadly mistles of words
born of a man and woman
I shall not show my face ever again among people

The stabs like a two edge sword
pierced my chest
twisted by lies that hurts

Those words pained worse than 
being set afire with gasoline
and the strike of a match

I'm nothing in the eyes of men
suspicious in the eyes of woman
an alien in the heart of the earth

The acid in my stomach
burns like the sun
on the hottest day of the year

Omg bury me in the ocean
where the fish never see
the day of light

Please bury me on the highest mountain
where the hawks and eagles
will eat my flesh feed their baby chicks

My my my, bury me in the desert
where the sun burns hotter
than a furnace filled with sulphur

oh oh oh kill me already
why torture me like hyhenas
feeding on a live, struggling lioness

Shall I fall asleep tonight
peacefully never to awake
to see another day of fright