This Morning

Written by: julie heckman

Dreaming of Starbucks, a pound on the sink.
Brushing my teeth, I was ready to think.

Then half a cup to savor with a roll,
The last half to down nine pills as life's toll.

In the calm of my day dream, Hell did fall,
Guys with chain-saws next door loudly did call.

I court my poems with morning coffee,
My notes now looked like crumbled brown toffee!

My morning was ruined by those dark facts,
Damn construction guys in stupid hard hats!

They told me today the job would be done.
I should tempt them with whiskey just for fun.

They'd get toasted while my poems I'd tweak,
The pleasure would keep me up for a week.

As an adult, I must live and be nice...
Yet, now my nerves are as stiff as old rice. 

Julie Heckman
August 4, 2012