Adam Of Earth

Written by: Tammy Flanagan

Adam of Earth

The curvature of his smile 
A quiet strength of gentleness within the eyes
When I glance upon his face
The waves of his arms flowing to his majestic hands
A profound peace that enraptures our souls
As my hands endure the strength
When he retains me close to him

Never have I been so captivated
By someone before
My surroundings have been opened up to a new light
A different maginitude of life

He has unleashed the insecurities of my path
That I so securely hid within my locked chest
Behind this clown mask 
Allowing him to invade the privacy 
Of the crevasses in my closed doors
To which no creature has entered before
Still he welcomes me uncannily
Knowing the outlines and graphing of my past

One could never concept an existing life as this
That love not judgement intercedes their eyes
Visually looking at what lies beyond the skeleton
Not halting by faults found

Being blessed with this adam of earth
Is more than I emotionally deserve
Not knowing the extent of my actions
Which generated this unimaginable gift

Humble I am, to have a soul of virtue
For us to be chosen together at this moment and space in time
When true love is sought to be a treasure
A fading quality of life

I will wrap myself around this presence
Embracing the fragility of its worth
Guarding it safely to my heart
And never withdrawing this Adam of Earth

I wrote this poem for my husband...he is my soul mate and best friend.