Written by: stephanie davies

As i lie here in a constant state of ease
My heart beats faster but i don't feel a thing
Silent teardrops they are heard for miles around
Has i sit here my soul will not be found.

There is no surrender no time to fall apart
My mind gets weaker your lies will kill my heart.
Like a dying rose,this beauty fades away
And that feeling it will never change

One again i can hear those white lies
With those tell-tale signs
i can see it in your eyes
Need no excuses as  i have heard them all before
My heart heart was broken i still let you through my door

You did not surrender, already fell apart
Now my mind gets stronger, no weight around my heart
Like a dying rose, this beauty never fades away
And my feeling would never change

Arose my anger out came the fear
I hold these chains now, but you still don't seem to hear.
Ticking of the clock, hear the falling of the sand
Sand of illusion, ruled by my own hand

There is no surrender, no time to fall apart
but now my mind is stronger and no weight upon my heart.
Like a growing rose my beauty shines today
and my feeling already changed.