Written by: Nathan Fehr

Staring in its eyes
Face to face
No sign of fear
Not even a trace

Nothing to lose
And nothing to gain
Staring in darkness
To the face of pain

The grinding of teeth
The feeling of pain
Still nothing to fear
Still nothing to gain

The face of many
The horrid screams
Tortured cries
And shattered dreams

The horrid smile
The crooked teeth
Some shredded tears
And blood beneath

That foul smile
The putrid thought
Of all the pain
To people it’s brought

The blood stained clothes
The darkness in its heart
I want it to leave
But it’s about to start

The eyes of the damned
The face of death
Grasping my neck
Till I'm out of breath

The red eyes
The pale skin
That rugged clothing
And soul of sin

Its deep eyes
Filled with darkness
Fills me with sorrow
Ever so heartless

This thing is a monster
It should have been killed at birth
Should have been buried alive
And suffer for what it’s worth

A description cannot fit this beast
Nothing but the damned and deceased
The wicked words
And corrupt thoughts

I know what it is
It is quite clear
All I'm doing
Is looking in a mirror