I'm A Workin' Man

Written by: Robert L. Hinshaw

I'm just a common workin' man and have been all my life,
Laborin' eight hours a day to support my kids and wife.
Tryin' to do my honest best to make desperate ends meet,
Makin' sure my clan is housed, clothed and has enough to eat.

I've worked on the assembly line for nigh on twenty years,
Twistin' nuts and bolts, assemblin' pinion shafts and gears.
Although I work hard and have what they call stayin' power,
I ain't never made more'n nine-ninety-eight per hour.

I'm so very blessed and satisfied with my earthly lot.
Thank the Lord, I enjoy more'n lots of folks has got.
Though the mortage on our humble home is hard at times to handle,
We skimp and save to pay the bills, avoidin' financial scandal!

How I love walkin' in the door to be greeted by my precious brood.
No matter how tryin' my day has been, they tend to brighten my mood.
Grabbin' my legs, all chatterin' at once, tellin' me about their day.
Home! Family! Love! America! I treasure all that I survey!

I'll never be a rich man and for that I do not aspire.
The good Lord willin', I hope one day to jes' peaceably retire,
To enjoy my treasured family by a warm and cheerful fire!
Their love and fellowship is all that I truly do desire!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved