Written by: Lucilla Carrillo

Sins are nothing new. Sins are committed by me and you. Sins have been here since the beginning of time. Our fathers and mothers committed sins. Their ancestors were sinners too, so you and I know - it's nothing new. We were all born from sin. It is taken away when we get baptized. For a while, we are alright. One day we grow up and we start to sin again. We try to blame others for the sins that we commit, but we know that - that is not true. The Devil is playing his part too. Sometimes we know that to sin is wrong - yet we don't want to , or just can't stop. It is never too late to change our lives. Just ask JESUS to come into your heart. Ask Him to change your life and give you a new start. That will make Him happy and with the wave of His hand - your sins He will wash away...
By Lucilla M. Carrillo Hope you like this poem.