THE CRANES OF IBYCUS - From The Sibyl, by David Austin

Written by: daver austin

Ibycus was on his way to a music festival when he was set upon by robbers. While dying a wave of cranes flew over. Ibycus implored the cranes to avenge him. The robbers, with their spoils attended the music festival. There were thousands in attendance. Mid way through a choir performance, a flock of cranes flew over the stadium. The robbers, recalling Ibycus' dying words, panicked and were arrested


“Look!    Look, comrade,
There, yonder flow
The cranes of Ibycus!”

Above the stadium,
In perfect row,
The cranes of Ibycus,

Above the Fury’s chorus,
In dissonance, crow,
The cranes of Ibycus!

Above the bedlam crowd
Their numbers grow,
The cranes of Ibycus!

Above the hoard of voices,
Become now low,
The cranes of Ibycus.

Above the perfect silence,
Flying slow,
The cranes of Ibycus.

Above ten thousand heads
Which lowly bow,
The cranes of Ibycus.

Beyond the tiers and fading
In the distant glow,
The cranes of Ibycus

Dave Austin
a la W.H. Auden