Reign Fall

Written by: Terry Ledwell

Don't be afraid you're not alone,
The fire's out I'll keep you warm,
So chills that slowly become moans,
Can comfort us against the storm...
As each raindrops touches ground,
It blankets every other sound,
So filling puddles all around,
Release the tears that fall and drown...
In a sea of fluid bliss, 
From the rivers of our kiss,
That come so deep from the abyss,
Until just you and I exist...
Then calling on the falling rain,
To drench your lips in pink  champagne,
Numbing anything that's pain,
Still sipping them till none remains...
Whenever there's a storm to reign,
There's so much more we both attain,
Come quench the fire so the flames,
Can burn within each others veins...