My Pet Peeve

Written by: Greg Stanley

We all have our issues, that bug us to the core
For some a nasty habit, or the tapping on the door
Perhaps the way we dress, or our strangely colored hair
Or when we slurp our soda, or wiggle in our chair.

Strange how we irk each other, almost all the time
Seems it’s done on purpose, to watch each other whine
It gets so irritating, they finally have to leave
Then they frown and say. “You know it’s my pet peeve.”

So when I got a little pup, I choose a clever name
Not sure how or why, but to me the idea came
“Peeve” is his name, and he gives me so much love
And now ‘my’ Pet Peeve… is getting a warm hug.

August 2, 2012