Written by: angel heady

Lost are the thoughts and feelings of happiness that we used to share. Now all that's left are dreams of a life that was planned out. So now where do you go to find the part of you that used to be full of love and life. 

When all the heart wants to do is hide from the world.  Trying so hard that it doesn't hurt or matter to you that the dreams and feelings of love didn't happen to you and fate had other plans for your life.

Leaving you to put back up walls that were once torn down by love. Only praying now that all the hate and anger you hold inside will someday disapear.  Before you lose control and unleash it on an innocent soul who doesn't deserve to get hurt.  Leaving them feeling Lost and confused by your actions.  Knowing they didn't cause the pain but they have to deal with a heart they didn't break.