Terponei is not a graffiti,
Instead a monument of power,
She came mine augmentere,
Treponie is a covet of many men,
A desired sapphire for true.

Come all to help me dream,
Because I sleep all time to plea,
And disapprovals I don't lack,
Because she's vowed to wretch my peace,
Keeping deep in the ocean,
Wherefore often I die of coma.

Look! She comes not like the dogs of Pavlov,
Which repeat mistakes,

They let Pavlov learn them,
Her emotions are ever on a phase plateau,
Love is a plant that sprouts fast,
Terponei, Treponie is the butterfly to catch,
Thus I'll grow to be a kangaroo,
Because I love her stalk, 
And I'm the lover without quota.

I drafted this poem as my most coded work. Many facts are hidden herein. When I began writing, I loved concealing secrets in poems. I'll love readers to see this work slowly.