Silence they say is golden and quite glittery
All it ever brings is pain and total misery
Everyone wants to be proved right
But none wants to be left out in love
A fresco of wasted dreams
A collage of aspirations cast in streams  

Silence I hear is golden yet so deafening
I try to speak it’s always a squabbling
Really scared to disturb the peace
Tried to piece back one good piece
It was only a wink in the dark
The pendulum did not swing back
Watched love in profile take a dive
Settled with the ripples of lies and unlusty lives

Silence I see is golden and so so dazzling
Autumn’s child came cool and strong
A blink all green in me was gone
Oh! The peals of heart break and it stings
If I could detach my manhood and cry for a moment
If I could reach back and erase that moment
I walked up and said “how do you do”

Twice I loved thrice she lied
Can this justify my disposition?
Kindly lace my Valium with deprivian
Kindly deprive me of this oblivion
So I could wake up to you
Lay what is left on you
Time tells if these would all come true.