Resurrecting Poems from Death

Written by: femi joey oloidi

Every time and anytime,
i mistakenly delete or loss a poem 
that i have sweated so hard to compose

i feel like,
i have lost a golden child,
but after couples of struggling to retrieve back the poem, 
from the land of lost poets,

I normally eventually get it back, 
this always happens formally abnormally,
that it keeps me wondering,
Why and how come?

And i notice that,
God always purposely makes me to loss or unintentionally delete my poem,
so that I could write it much better, 
and it always gets way better.

But the first informal vanishing feelings,
is always so bashing and banishing, 
that if one is not wise, pushing and strong,
that would led to the dearth of a new born poem.  

I try to quench,
but I can't bench,
for the toughness of my poem,
never let me remain in softness

because it only deletes from the laptop, paper and surface, 
But it never deduct nor abort from my brain

It dances continuously,
like rainstorm in my brain, 
non-stop, till it is conceived again,
through ink, then it winks happily at me 

This makes me feel like a poetic Hero,
who goes to battle with no sharp armoury,
but with a pen, paper and sharp  memory,  
and still wins the vigorous war,
which blocks the resurrection of his poem and the success of his sharp vision.