One Last Glance

Written by: Daniel Larson

He was lost upon the rivers
     that ebb and flow and churn,
Had given ev'rything to her,
     took nothing in return.
The broken heart, a shattered soul,
     a life pushed down the line,
Was running from tomorrow
     and all that's left behind.

He had seen it in the mirror,
     a tired, old ragged face,
And wondered if there's anything
     that time could not erase.
One soft whisper in the morning,
     the first step out at dawn,
With one last glance for looking back
     he was forever gone.

She now sits alone at midnight,
     staring through falling mist,
Feels the breeze light on her red cheek
     as though she'd just been kissed.
Closes the door to memories
     that haunt her restless sleep,
Still curses soft those pictures lost
     she vowed to ever keep.

One more trip down a lonely road
     that gets harder each day,
She can't seem to recall the sins
     for which she's had to pay.
Seasons change the quick passing years
     and times she could not save,
Her tears still flood the fading rose
     that lies upon his grave.