Snail Run

Written by: Carol Eastman

Have you ever seen a snail run?
They’re a hardy little soul.
You might say, they meet their fears head on…
While charging toward their goal

They’re great at long-term commitments,
As you can obviously see.
For they know how to stay the course,
While they get from A to B.

Still, don’t expect much fight or sass
To come as they are on their way.
For their concentration stays spot on,
While on a run, come what may.

There would truly be less fighting, 
If only, we were like these souls.
And imagine all the work we could get done,
If we were more set toward our goals.

And imagine what a better world,
This could truly be…
If we did not bother other souls,
And simply let them be…

Written 8-1-2012