To the beginning of the middle

Written by: Ayman Peeroo

When life crushes you to pieces,
i will be your spine.
When you are high and wish you could fly,
i will be your wings.
I don't just want you to smile,
I want to be the reason you smile.
I want to be the twinkle of pride,
that makes your eyes sparkle.
I want to be the light,
through which you shine. 
I want to be the book you look through,
when you search for answers.
i want to be the hand you catch,
when you are hanging down an abyss.
i want to be the hope,
which carries you through your rough days.
I want to the the gentle warmth of sunshine,
that you cherish on snowy days.  
i want to be the love,
you cling to until your old age.
All but on one request;
each time that i get lost,
i want you to kiss me,
kiss me, like the sun kisses the horizon, 
everyday with the same love, passion, ardor, 
gentleness and softness,
that it makes the sky blushes each time;
so it would remind me of who we are.