Magic Carpet

Written by: Cheryl Aldea

Come to me my angel and take my hand Together we will fly and soar the wind On a magic carpet we will take a ride Hold on don’t be afraid I’ll show you the dazzling rainbow in the sky Feel the clouds and touch it softly Sit down and enjoy the ride This Magic carpet will take us on a magic wonderland playing magic tricks that’s what you love Let’s stop for a while Your little brother wants to join Oh magic carpet takes us to the top of mountains These two little angels wanted to see The beauty of nature from the above Oh magic carpet take us to the Never land Home of Peter Pan It’s been a long day my magic carpet Thanks to you we enjoy the ride These two little angels feel asleep Their hearts are now full of joy Tomorrow would be another day For a new ride we will enjoy. Cheryl Aldea My magic carpet ride would be with my two nephews ( Jay jay and Cedie) Magic Carpet Ride- Contest ( Skat)