The Silence of a Pondering Love

Written by: Robin Sharpe

The agony was not real
The tears only made it seem to be
The darkness was light
The time was here

I took a step 
I turned around
I silences within all that it was
It was deep
It was real

The laughs 
The smiles
The lasting of a second that dwindled over there somewhere

I closed my eyes 
I dreamt of him
It made it real
The goodbye had to come
The message was clear

I stood there for a moment
I was in a daze
I pondered every last word
I remember barely breathing
I remember his kind words

I said the words
I felt the gestures
I looked 
I yearned

Where did it go?
The time since seems endless
Where did I go wrong?
The answer can never be right
The light was seen
The miracle existed

I pondered and then I looked at the date 
It was one year ago
The dream I had was just today when I did not know the date
The deep meaning of truth was there

I said the words
I saw the gestures
I looked and I saw
I looked but I refused

The trival was now put to an end
The resolute was clear
The breeze blew away some of the pain
The hurt runs deep
The mirace exists 
The light was seen

If I threw a peeble would you hear it?
The deepness was real
My love is still here.