My Box of Fear

Written by: Tammy Flanagan

My Box of Fear

I compromise my indifference with misery
Oblivious to my restrain
Afraid to linger into the unknown
Beyond this box in which I dwell

This is my comfort zone
My only clasp of what I can retain--my life
I am protected by normalities
My destiny is easier to formulate

In this box of fear, I can control what will happen
Outside this box, I have to relinquish the power
Giving it to someone or something else
That I can NOT compromise with
And release my freedom

I shall not leave
For fear is what binds me to these four walls
Unknowing of what lies beyond
Or how to face the obstacles that I may encounter

Understanding that I could be so much more
That this entrapment in which I live can be different
This journey could be less of a struggle
Better, happier, easier.....

What I give so easily give away
Because of this belt of dread that I wear
Just to stay in my box of fear