The Box Under the Bed

Written by: Greg Stanley

Shortly after my sprit left this world
She found a box under the bed
All my secrets would slowly unfold
With each tear falling as she read.

Thoughts were revealed I never intended
As they were private and may hurt
My true love was now digging
Though my past and all the dirt.

She discovered events so shocking
It made her scream with rage
“How could he do this without talking?”
She yelled, ripping through each page.

Then she found a small photo
A young child with eyes… icy blue
As she gazed she just had to know
Whose child?...and what to do.

She clenched the photo in her hand
While gazing upward towards the sky
“How could you, I just can’t understand?
It appears I’ll never know why.”

At that moment the doorbell rang
She quickly ran and opened the door
There stood a fine young man
Eyes crystal blue, and in uniform.

They embraced, and she started to cry
So he spoke softly in her ear
“I finally found you on my last try,
Let me wipe away your last tear.”

So… if you know a veteran who has served
Give them all your love, spread it around
For what they have done, they deserve
A special gift… like my love just found.

By Greg Stanley

July 31, 2012