My clap of flip-flops echo through the hall of books,
 Her eyes shoot daggers with heated looks.
 A finger shushes against paper thin lips,
 A formless dress hangs from her unflattering hips.
Embarrassed I find a chair with feelings of unease,
 Trying to hold back a dreaded sneeze
 She glares at me with a fiery stare,
 So wishing to throw me out on my derriere.
 As I plug my misbehaving nose,
 Another nasty odor ghastly arose.
 For in my plight trying not to sneeze
 My butt decided to boisterously cut-cheese.
 The odor epic within sacred four walls,
It echoed up and down the great halls. 
Laughter filled her grand domain,
All pointing at me for the stinky blame.
  She looked at me, with such empathy upon her brow,
 Our relationship had softened somehow.
 Covering her mirth with a thin pasty hand,
 Knowing farting was not what I planned.
 Now when entering the library, I have a nick-name
 It’s one that I carry with agonizing shame.
 I walk up to the counter, she holds her breath,
 Smiling, she greets me, “Hello Miss butt-o-death.”

*unfortunately this is a very true story lol