she reads my poems pt 2

Written by: Shahana Jackson

I can't talk to you because I'm afraid of what you'll say
I'm scared of your reaction.
If I tell you how I really feel 
I'm afraid you'll walk away.
I want you here, I don't want you to leave
But this anxiety is killing me
We fight, we argue 
But those feelings of stress are temporary
I want, I crave your body in every single way.
And when we are together I am in bliss.
I hate to see you upset, angry or stressed.
But you have to talk to me and tell me why your mad
Or we will end up a mess
We come from two different worlds 
So of course sometimes we will clash.
I'm afraid of the future 
You've made me forget about my past
Its been heaven and hell with you
I have to put my faith in you
And you have to trust me too.
I don't want to argue.
I want you happy even if its not with me.
So please baby communicate with me.