On the Ocean Waves

Written by: James Tate

She smiled and squeezed his hand
As he looked into her eyes
Drawing her close to his side
Ignoring buffeting winds

The proud boat shuddered
But the young lovers hardly noticed
Dark clouds and lowering skies
Threatened their honeymoon

The captain got their attention
“Dawn your lifejackets now,
We’re facing rough waters!”
He tried to comfort her as anxiety appeared

Tension mounted, deck awash
The boat leaned and shook
Now, with fear showing in their faces
The couple prepared to ditch

Reluctantly, the vessel faltered
During the intensifying storm
The frightened couple escaped
Clinging to an inflatable raft

Seven grueling days past
With no rescue ship in sight
Their drinking water going fast 
Food containers long sense depleted

“O Lord, send us food!”
They prayed in desperation
Suddenly a curious seagull came near
Floating on the ocean waves