Written by: Cynthia BuhainBaello

I catch the tears that flow
From the Sadness in your eyes
And all of them I can throw,
To be diamonds in the skies.

I can transform the Pain
From things that caused you hurt,
With them I  make some rain,
That will bless and green your Earth.

Your restless minds calmed here,
Those many fears,  and Doubt.
As misty Rainbows appear,
When Sunshine has opted out.

Come listen  to my songs,
For sounds you hear are soothing.
Each bird that sings belongs
To my music,  free and refreshing.

Those times you feel so alone,
Close your with me.
These are here - for you to own,
Beauty that comforts peacefully.

Your Mother,


Cynthia Buhain Baello
July 31, 2012