Laugh at the Dark

Written by: William Hughes

I laugh at the pains of the heart
The emotions replaced by something dark
I focus only on staying alive
Ignoring the rules that i use to abide by

Never again touched by the coldness of the feminine
The sad put downs inflicted by the women
There denials of my love
Now they're at the bottom of my world

I laugh in the face of the enemy
There words have a bad affect on me
The uncontrollable anger that causes me to fight
The feeling that another wrong would make this right

It seems i was attacked because i was "soft"
Embracing the enemy as he hits me
But now in the enemies face i scoff
I suggest you run if you offend me

I laugh at the dark
Filled with bliss as the ice embraces my heart
A cold shiver runs down my spine
And at the world my wrath unwinds

My soul replaced by the likes of a tank
The barrel pointed straight towards enemy ranks
Armor repelling there flimsy guns
Its my turn, you guys better run