Written by: Romeo Della Valle

Love is too precious to let it slip away
Or to hold the future back one second!
I love you and I am so dizzy from spinning
With madness, thinking how it could end
When we had such a great beginning!
Oh please, don't inquire of a childish reason
To expalain a matter so remote
When in the paradoxes of life's genorosity,
Love is to itself an antidote,
A vision of perfect luminosity!...
My heart has made a commitment,
It did not consider my senses
And so inside, I am struggling to set it free
From the damp chambers where dwell defenses,
Well protected first but now suffocate me!...
My sentiments have made no reservation
And are not bound to stay or leave,
However, my choice remains in the anticipation
Of meeting the right one that I hope is you!...
Passions are not easil7y discouraged
Though they breathe with different hopes,
Like swinging on a pendulum
Or crying out in frustration
When beauty is seeing through a microscope
And it seems to be transitory,
Fleeting in migration!...
It is existence itself
That strives this way
To reach beyond all limitations,
Discovering that the value of being
p*ss not the conclusion of effort
But  in challenging a false foundation
So that our hearts and minds
Can peacefully co-exist
In a reservoir of love between us,
Once and for all!!...
Romeo Della Valle-NYC