To the Craters of the Moon

Written by: Daniel Larson

Life's long lost in the thunder
     as a conscience slowly bleeds,
Hearts have been hung out to dry
     over long forsaken needs.
Songs once sung are distant now,
     locked in shadows of the mime,
The words have lost their meanings
     with the ravages of time.
Pathways leading through the fog
     call to those who've never prayed,
Spent promises yet to come
     are not meant to be repaid.
And still we stare at midnight
     from the light to which we cling,
Hoping for a small glimpse of
     what the other half will bring.
Touch the toes along the line
     which keeps one from going there:
To those places never been,
     to the feelings never shared.
Try to catch the falling star
     that will pass the cratered moon,
Maybe you will make it there
     in days that are coming soon.