Demon Slayer

Written by: tristen temple

I shall give it all unto You he said, for it has been allowed myself, to do so....
Sorting through the mazeful mire as addressing the point at hand; realizing
This clock shall not stop; ticking away, these days a light that never was, yet
Here we stand amid, Ancients threshold; dawn beckoning dreamless dusk ?
As the world continues to turn and life carries on upon, its fleshful material
Axis in vague until the breaking through; kissing moments aside memoriam 
Shall they be and I have not the time nor desire; entangling waywards ways
A skeletal key to secure these chains aneath refrain; tis not about humanity
Myself this place or you; mercy brushed her lips, while she crushed castle's
Inside her heart left bleeding amid the somber sands of yesteryears tears....

...."Demon Slayer" *