God Speaks Through Thunder

Written by: peggy caulfield

As I sit up in my cozy window seat;
I notice that the sunshine 
has disappeared in retreat.
It has left us a very dank, murky, 
and unfriendly kind of day;
With dingy clouds lounging over us
in a tempestuous way.
Thundering clouds bellow out their voice in the sky.
While squeezing out massive rain drops from on high.
I survey pedestrians running to take canopy from the rain;
And I hear and see swirling water rushing to the nearest drain.
Suddenly! I am captivated by a fork-like flash
illuminating the sky quite near;
And hot-tempered rumbling and tumbling rage in full gear.
I see God's air-borne creatures flying to take shelter in their nest;
Smartly waiting it out, till the storm takes its rest.
The trees with out-stretched arms, stand still in dorm-like form;
Anticipating the fierce beating they will get from the storm.
With startling strength, screaming winds encircle the house tonight;
Causing the window panes to shudder with fright.
While the huge, expanded raindrops soak everything around;
Lightening bolts angrily shout as they hit the ground.
Without prior notice, I and the whole city become engulfed in darkness;
As the storm violently wrenched down wires, with its powerful ruggedness.
A child in the house shrinks deep down in his bed;
And pulls the blankets up and over his head.
Every sharp voice of thunder clap he does hear;
Strikes him with a stifling chord of fear.
Then a gentle reminder comes to his childish ears;
"Fear not my child, for I am near,
While you sleep, I will watch over you.
Just rest in Me till the night is through."
With the thunderous night over, and the last signs of the storm has passed away;
Sunshine casts its warm penetrating smile on us today.