Written by: John Robert Bones

The world was created, man, woman
and all  I see was made, because It was 
Gods will.

I was born into the world, on the 
20th may 1966, because it was
Gods will. I was born for a purpose
and Gods plan. Because  it was Gods

Jesus died on the cross to set 
us free, from guilt and free every
day, because it is Gods will that 
this should happen. Nothing
happens without good reason,
without it being Gods will.

We can not live or survive
out side of God, with out 
him  we are nothing. He
created us one and all
to live for him. It is Gods

Dear Dad,
                Please give me the
strength, to be who  I am for you
daily and to be in your will not my will.
Amen Love John