Hidden Shadow

Written by: Nii-Ayi Solomon

We met on the phone under a bizarre situation
So comical no one will believe
What we feel in our hearts for each other
Words cannot describe 
I have long forgotten about love
And have locked my heart
In the shadows of my cubicle
She appeared and my worries
Seems to vanish into thin air
Sitting in my shadows
And mending the love confusion
That has take oven my sensitive part
Her innocent face I haven’t seen
Sent a cord of joy into my heart
She is full of grace and blessed with sweetness.
Her voice is tender and sweet
Her looks make me yearn for her love
Her tenderness keeps my heart awake
Her speech and mannerism makes me dream of loving again
Words cannot describe her beauty
She is the shadow hidden in my dreams
My face light up with smiles
When her number appears on my phone
She has taken my heart hostage
And now she is all over my mind
But why did I fall in love with a lady
I haven’t seen or met
Her shadow is all I see
Hidden shadows of tomorrow