My Beautiful Beloved

Written by: Kimberly Fluitt

My Beautiful Beloved, my heart is on fire just envisioning 
your touch. Your kiss carries me to ecstasy.
Your lips take me to wonderlands never before known.
Your fingertips ignite my beingness creating delicate 
pulsations of bliss. Electric waves of passion rush through 
my cells at the mere thought of you. My soul cries for 
your caress taking me to heights of Pure Love creating 
Heaven on Earth. You and I are Heaven on Earth. Our 
Ecstatic passionate vibration radiates throughout the 
Cosmos and beyond creating a New Magickal Paradise for 
us and all. I Love You, I Adore You, I Cherish You way 
beyond words, way beyond any worldly comprehension. 
Our shared passionate embrace creates a blissful Utopia 
uplifting all Humanity and the Cosmos. To ascend 
together, forever into eternity and beyond and one day 
finally at last never to return to this dense plane. 
Together forever with you My One and Only True Love. 
You and I as ONE Always and Forever...never to belong to 

Copyright Kimberly Fluitt, June 2, 2012