Written by: Rev.Bola Animashaun

Faith is love taking 
The form of aspiration.
While Trust is 
The witnessing of 
Its intended manifestation.

For a gallant spirit 
There can never be defeat.
When the battle is tough 
The victory is often sweet.

Give light 
And people will 
Find the way.
Illumination like the sun 
Transforms the night 
To day.

God always 
Gives His best 
To those who leave 
The choice with him.
It's hard to 
Pass the test
Without Him 
On the team.

God sleeps 
In the minerals, 
Awakens in plants, 
Walks in animals, 
And thinks in man.
Therein lies the
Magnificense Of His 
Awesome, divine plan.
Twin Wisdom Poetry for *Ibeji
 (copyright: 27Mar1-ARR)