Written by: femi joey oloidi

Love yourself like an adorable diamond sky and
Outweigh the sparkling rhapsody of pains it brings, 
through various ecstatic hardship, thoroughly 
unfurnished friendship, and uneven relationships. 
Over and over, 
love overcomes  depression, hate and difficulty 
For without love, there won't be growth of glory 
and there will be less supply of laughter and 
definitely; blessing and inspiration will never 
graduate from one graceful level to another. 
Verily in love,
we fear nothing,
we tear nothing, 
we scare nothing, 
for we are a heap of divine overflowing success,
and anything we touch, turns into a sea of eternal 
triumph and an extraordinary first-class divinity .
This has graced us with victorious virtues and has 
effectively brought prosperity to love, making all 
things manifest with pure affection in abundances, 

Truly, we should smoothly reign and stand in love.