Written by: Charles Sides

Clouds are taken for granted 
Part of the weather scene
They come in white, or in black,
Or something inbetween

Chances are they’ll be around,
Although the sun is out
They’re always there, when it rains
Of this there is no doubt

Sometimes you see them hanging, 
So high up in the sky
Wispy little icy ones 
Higher than birds can fly

Clouds can carry destruction
That farmers cannot stop
Things like heavy wind and hail, 
Can wipe out all the crop

If you see a dark and boiling one,
Sitting low to the ground
Stay alert and be cautious,
A storm’s somewhere around

Run like hell if you see it
Take on a funnel shape
If you don’t find some cover
There may be no escape

The clouds are always moving,
Changing slow; sometimes fast 
You see different shapes in them, 
But they will never last

Spend some time looking at them, 
Enjoy what’s given free
Pictures by Mother Nature 
Are there for you to see