Trustworthy Telltales -

Written by: Justin Bordner

The words strut & rust can be derived from the mechanism of Trust,
Trust could not exist without doubt,suspicion and the possibility of failure,
would I desire Trust if I never had it,or couldn't have it,

many things to Trust such as creatures,currencies & concepts,
we can sustain faith in ideologies,instincts,and inspirations,
my first Trust must have been Mother,
second being invulnerability to death,

trusting the search and trusting the treasure of experience,
believing that if a man is a king for a moment then he is a king for a lifetime,
if courageous once,then gallantry can carry me again,

Trust is everything I have,it is everything that I've done
and everything that I will produce,
Trust is the morning rhythem telling me I can survive the dare of Day,
I can feel suffering yet surge,
the trustee of my Soul's account,
Trust delivers the itinerary of my intentions to the Eye of God's equity,
a warm water soothing the sting of society's satire,
bringing me to the tabernacle of plumb testimony,

trusting Life to give opportunity
and Death a passport beyond the portcullis of charity's charm,
finding gold in broken stones,
giving grief to the wicked & comfort to the confused & conquered,
to Trust that living a good Life is about developing strengths,
preventing stress from tresspassing upon your soul,
geological gusto on the rim of my religion,
I look at graveyards and say okay -