Flesh Uniform

Written by: Arild Andresen Ertsland

I`ve often told you stories
of the way I used to live
A drifter..Sometimes walking in circles
Not so bad really,always coming around again

Seeing the moon from a birds eye
Somewhere in a far away distance
The earth hangin`upside down
My dream is on the line
My work is done, even though it wasn`t on time
Drift away, let yourself go in a free fall
Climbing up and into a new life
Might just see myself on the doorstep
to a parallel existence
Do we trust who we are?
Or which way life will lead us?

Life got in the way of living
The unforgiven legend goes on
Curios about time..and how it moves to the next moment
For as long as we`re wearing our earthly coat
Its all in the hands of destiny
Forces out of reach while wearing our flesh-uniform
Every fiber in my body,every beam of light in my soul
Yearns to be with you even after my time is done..

July 29th 2012

Inspired by the spiritual activity in the blogs lately.See You Around:-)